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Service Questions

ProTranscript provides a transparent pricing model with rates starting at $1 per minute of audio/video - ie) 60 minutes of audio would cost $60.00. There are no hidden costs. Please see our pricing page for details.
Our turnaround times are flexible depending on your needs. We proudly offer industry leading 6-hour turnaround times for urgent projects. Our pricing page has more details.
We accept all major credit cards via PayPal. Established businesses may pay via check for accrued services at the end of each month.
We label speakers whose names are clearly defined in the audio. For undefined speakers we use labels such as 'Speaker #1' and 'Speaker #2'. Once you get your final transcript back, you can easily search and replace to modify the speaker names as you wish.
If more than one person is speaking at the same time, we will transcribe the person who best fits the flow of conversation and the integrity of the recording. Note that unlike our competitors, we do not charge more for multiple speakers.
Yes. Your trust is important to us and we handle all sensitive projects in a confidential and professional manner. All of our transcribers are based in the USA, and are bound by a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Please contact us if you would like us to sign an NDA.
Depending on the content of your audio and your turnaround requirements, we may be able to offer discounts for high volume orders. Contact us and we'd be happy to discuss your requirements.
We will exclude filler words such as 'uhh', 'ummm', and other short stutters. If you want a verbatim transcript, please contact us prior to uploading your project.
We do support Vimeo, and an example of the Interactive Transcript product utilizing Vimeo can be seen here. If your videos are hosted on Vimeo, please contact us and provide the URL to your Vimeo videos.

At this time, we do not support YouTube as most of our customers find Vimeo to be more flexible for their needs.

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Transcription Process

You can simply upload your audio/video on our order page to get started. You will be contacted via email when your transcript has been completed and given instructions on how to log into our content management system at that time. If you have custom requirements, Email us at info@protranscript.com.
We accept most common types of audio and video formats. However, we suggest using file formats that are compressed, such as MP3, to minimize upload time. If you run into any problems or have any questions, please contact us.
Yes. Login to your account to see all of your uploaded projects. You will see an ETA which will give you an indication of the progress of your project.
Before completion, your transcript transcript goes through three phases of quality assurance.

First, our USA-based transcribers are screened and assigned to projects that best fit their expertise. Whether your project deals with business, economics, pop culture, history, science, technology, or other subjects, a transcriber familiar with your subject matter will be assigned to your project.

Second, after the initial transcript is completed, your project will be reviewed by an editor to ensure sufficient quality.

Lastly, your transcript goes through a final proof-reading phase for added quailty assurance and to ensure it is free of mistakes.

ProTranscript stands behind its 100% Quality Guarantee. If there is ever an issue with your transcript, we will work to correct it free of charge.
We offer mulitple formats for your transcript: Microsoft Word, HTML, PDF, and SRT.

You will also be provided the transcript in Interactive Transcript format which you can embed on your website.
Please email us at info@protranscript.com so we can verify your information and resend your login details.